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Pentecostal Theological University is a member of Accrediting Commission International Bebee Arkansas. We are exempt of licensure and exempt of the jurisdiction or purview of the Commission for Independent Education (CIE), Florida Board of Education (FBE), in accordance with the Chapter 1005, title 1005.06, of the Statutes of the State of Florida.

Pentecostal Theological University does not hold regional accreditation nor do we accept federal or state funding. Our sole desire is to continue as a University that prepares men and women to be used by God in ecclesiastical vocations. Pentecostal Theological University does not accept federal or state funding.

Accrediting Commission International
P.O. Box 1030
Beebe, AR 72012

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100 East 27th Street
Austin, TX 78705

Phone: (512) 708-0660
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Autorizacion de Operación

Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education
Law Statute Section 1005.06 (1)(f)

Samuel Ferguson
Executive Director
325 W. Gaines St
Suite 1414
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Phone: (850) 245-3200
Fax: (850) 245-3233
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